American Renal Associates: Dialysis Center

Philadelphia, PA

American Renal occupies the entire ground floor of this otherwise residential five story building. The 11,000 sq. ft. tenant fit-out included offices, dialysis rooms, water treatment room and the associated spaces required for a modern, privately owned renal center.

The challenges presented by the accelerated schedule required Flatiron start the work in January with the entire building open to the elements. Additionally, Flatiron had to perform extensive coordination with the Architect/Engineer, the residential developer, and American Renals’ consultants, equipment suppliers and vendors. The challenges were cooperatively resolved resulting is a successful project.


“Flatiron did a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances.
Your team stepped in and worked thru challenging conditions to build a great clinic.
I would endorse your company any time.”

—Jeffrey Dale, Vice President of Construction
US Renal Care