Beury Hall Laboratory Renovations


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Flatiron’s prior experience working within Beury Hall contributed to the company’s selection for this high-profile, two-floor renovation to create four laser science laboratories for a new research team.

The project involved careful coordination of numerous lab utilities and systems that are incorporated into ceiling-mounted laser racks. All of the utilities – from electric and vacuum to lab gases – that support the laser are found in the overhead racks.

Additional scope included interior wall reconfiguration; all new finishes, flooring, and paint; refurbishing 95 percent of the laboratory casework; and blackout provisions such as plywood window screens and blackout drapes.


“Beury Hall was a high profile project with an extremely aggressive schedule. Flatiron Building Company’s performance was outstanding, on time, and on budget. They understood the intensity, took on the challenge, and handled unforeseen issues proactively… yielding awesome results!”

—Peter J. McColgan, Senior Manager
Construction, Temple University