Children’s Behavioral Center

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Devereux’s objective in renovating a main wing of their Children’s Behavioral Health Center was two-fold: to provide an improved patient living space to reflect today’s trends in behavioral healthcare, while increasing the number of bedrooms in the facility.

To achieve this, we installed Level 4 ICRA protections prior to demolition. Our construction included an underground sanitary pipe network, new mechanical and electrical systems, and an array of innovative finishes.

Flatiron’s extensive healthcare experience was invaluable on this project. All of our work was completed while the facility maintained operations. Beyond communicating with the staff and administration, our job involved daily interaction with the children in Devereux’s census. We would not have been successful without first understanding Devereux’s mission serving at-risk children.


“On behalf of Devereux and our entire treatment team I would like to thank Flatiron Building Company for your leadership, guidance and support over the past several months. This experience has also been inspiring for us as we got to know you and each of your team members. What a wonderful representation and collaboration! Your staff’s involvement on a daily basis with those that we serve has been wonderful to watch. We could not have selected a better match for our mission and this very important project. We look forward to once again working with you in the future.”


—Scott Carter
Director of Administrative Services