Father Judge Brisson Center

3301 Solly Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136

In 2020, Flatiron Building Company had the privelege to construct Father Judge High School’s Brisson Center for Academic Excellence, housed in the school’s former 2nd floor library. Our client’s vision was to build a space to support the Center’s ambition of providing an enriching and supportive environment for students of all ability levels.

Our work included constructing an open concept layout served by a dedicated HVAC system, along with lighting and distinct use of maple wall panels, benches and work surfaces. The architect’s design focuses on creating a durable and flexible space and includes an exposed ceiling plenum and polished concrete floors. The generous use of glass storefronts completes the contemporary aesthetic.

Working within an occupied school during the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge requiring fluent communication and extra effort to mitigate the impact of our construction project on the surrounding classrooms and the students. We utilized off-hours shifts, extensive temporary protections and effective coordination to prevent disruptions.


“From start to finish, the working relationship with Flatiron was great. The renovation project had a lot of moving pieces, which was only made more difficult when they need to be configured and implemented in an active school environment. Thanks to the team on site, and their active communication with me throughout, the project turned out tremendous, the disturbances were minimal, and final results are a great educational space that will be impactful for decades of future Judge students.”

—Brian Patrick King
President, Father Judge High School