Inglis Innovation Center

Inglis Innovation Center, Philadelphia, PA

Flatiron Building Company partnered with Inglis to build their new community-based Innovation Center.

The Innovation Center project includes structural modifications of an existing 4 story building, new mechanical and electrical systems, and extensive accessibility upgrades.

The vibrant disability-competent space includes kitchens, bathing facilities, research and development labs, classrooms, offices, and comfortable meeting spaces. The life lab simulates a home environment to assist people transitioning to independent living.

The new facility makes it possible for Inglis staff to provide services that meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.


“The Innovation Center will not only serve the disability community here in our neighborhood, but it will serve as an inspiration and model for others across the state in the areas of innovation, quality services, partnerships and inclusive, accessibility design and technology. It is truly spectacular and could not have happened without the commitment and contributions of everyone at Flatiron Building Company.”

—Dyann M. Roth
President and CEO