Moore Building 2nd Floor Renovation

Philadelphia, PA

The renovation was approximately 75% of the second floor of the Moore Building at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering.
The project was completed over the summer in only 12 weeks.
Flatiron demolished out dated offices and classrooms and constructed well-lit, contemporary and functional labs and offices.

An open office area was built to facilitate more interaction between the Professors and students.
One of the engineering labs features an Arktura laser-cut metal panel acoustical ceiling.
Multiple glazing systems were used throughout the project in order to bring in more natural light.

Flatiron field staff performed all the carpentry work on this renovation.


“Working on an extremely tight schedule,in an occupied building,
Flatiron’s hands on approach and constant drive were critical in making this project a success.
Their field expertise and dedication to completing the project right brought this beautiful space to life.”

—Caitlin Daley, AIA Associate
Buell Kratzer Powell