Northern Home for Children

Philadelphia, PA

Since 1853, the Northern Home for Children has helped children and families by providing social services and support programs. The new dormitory houses mothers with infants and young children. Flatiron constructed the building and continues to serve the organization.

The project was complicated by a steep and constrained site within a fully operational campus. Flatiron excavated through rock to bring in new infrastructural building services and to access mechanical systems located in the basement of an adjacent building. Construction was carefully planned to avoid disruption to the campus during the project.

The dormitory is built of concrete, masonry, structural steel, and light gauge framing. Interior work included installation of abuse board – a composite drywall designed for high-traffic areas – and ADA features.


“We have a building of which we can all be proud, and I am grateful for all the hard and able work of Flatiron Building Company. The project superintendent’s dedication to detail and understanding of the big picture was critical for the success of pulling together a complex building.”

—Nancy Bastian, AIA
Cecil Baker & Associates