University of Pennsylvania—3T MRI Suite

flatiron building company university of pennsylvania


Philadelphia, PA

Working within an occupied MRI Suite, Flatiron Building Company partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s design and construction team to achieve outstanding results. The challenge was to remove an inactive magnet located on the lower level of the Stellar Chance Building and replace it with a new 3T MRI unit.

In order to accomplish this, we cut through 18″ of reinforced concrete and temporarily relocated the MEP infrastructure. The work needed to be coordinated and completed in time to receive the new Siemens magnet.

Flatiron’s team was able to overcome the complicated site logistics and aggressive project time frame, on time and within budget.


“For the better part of 10 years I have worked closely with Flatiron in successfully completing projects for the Perelman School of Medicine. The 3T MRI project was probably the most difficult one yet! The research areas surrounding the project were fully occupied and the adjacent 77 MRI had to remain operational during the construction. Weighing over 14 tons, the 3T MRI was installed 30′ below grade, under an eleven story building. It was necessary to saw cut an 8′ square hole in the concrete floor of our loading dock to lower the MRI unit into place. Once again, it was a pleasure working with Flatiron.”

—Michael P. Walton; Senior Associate Director
PSOM, University of Pennsylvania