Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Renovations

Philadelphia, PA

This two-phase interior renovation on the ground floor of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library created open collaborative space, meeting rooms and private offices in a state of the art setting.

Coordination and communication were key to this successful project. Our staff was able to complete construction, with little disruption to staff and students, while maintaining schedule.

The feature elements included: wood panel ceilings, walls, and an all-glass seminar room. Our team of skilled craftsman transformed fundamental materials into a space that speaks for itself.


“Flatiron’s craftsmanship, site supervision, project communication, and alignment with our goals were top notch. Despite numerous unforeseeable challenges, the two phase renovation was completed on time and within our budget. They did a great job!”

—Mark Breitenbach, Senior Project Manager
University of Pennsylvania