Wellness and Rehabilitation Center


Inglis House, Philadelphia, PA

Positioned as Construction Manager, Flatiron Building Company undertook the project planning, coordination and construction. Partnering with Heery Design and Inglis, Flatiron built a Wellness and Rehabilitation center that will enrich the lives and well-being of the Inglis residents for many years.

Our Site Superintendent and field staff became an extension of the Inglis facilities group. With Flatiron’s years of experience working in occupied buildings, we maintain safe and clean work sites, having a minimal impact on the residents’ daily lives and the staff’s workflow. Proficiency, respect and communication are important tools that our staff brings to every jobsite.

The project included all aspects of a comprehensive interior renovation in an occupied residential and healthcare environment.


“Flatiron successfully completed a difficult multi-phase project while keeping the client and residents happy throughout. Even with the inevitable surprises involved when renovating a historic building, Flatiron was able to complete the project on time and under budget.”

—John C. Castner, AIA, LEED, AP
Executive Associate, HEERY Design

“We selected Flatiron based on a very positive experience with the pre-project planning and also because of our successful working relationship in the past. Flatiron’s team straight-forwardly delivers cost effective practical solutions. Their team avoided disruption for the staff and residents during the entire process.”

—Bill Grim, Co-Executive Director and Administrator
Inglis House